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Rabbit Foot Zines is an independent one-stop zine shop. We want to help artists get all their hard work seen by as many people as possible. If you're interested then drop us a line at rabbitfootzines@gmail.com

Yo zinesters! rabbit foot zines will be selling at this baby. If you’d like to send us some zines then get at us rabbitfootzines@gmaill.com you’ve got a month so choppidy chop.

Hey zinesters! We still need your zines! The aim of the game is to help you get your work to a new and large audience, we will be running featured artist of the month and holding competitions and hosting reviews from zine-lovers alike. If you’d like to send us your zines then drop us a line! rabbitfootzines@gmail.comor you can find us on twitter
We’d also love to hear from any of you bods that make prints/badges/jewellery/whatever the hell else.

Help spread the word. Fanks.

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oh yeah you can follow us on twitterย and by us I mean me (lize) and rob just tuts at stupid thing I post.ย 

BON IVER at AIR Studiosย 

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FIRST PACKAGE YAYUH. Cheers Remy ๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿ‡

today is shitty so listen to spraynard and be merry.

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last night I whipped up a little mini fold zine in memory of my local pub/second home Jack Cham’s.

The majority of the photos are from it’s last night, my feet had blisters the next day from stomping/dancing and the whole pub sang along to the Pixies.


My third photographical zine. This time I have screen printed the final photographs as a half tone dot, changing the colour to red on the reverse. Out of the three zines, the photographical layout is the most interesting and uses up the space on each page well - I would like to start adding bodys of text to give the zines more depth however.ย 

Remy’s work soon to be added to the distro! Aw yeeeee!

rabbit foot zines is a-go!